CVE-2017-17550: ZyWALL USG - XSS & CSRF

More than one year ago I reported to ZyXEL a...

Article posted 2018-11-10

GreenPacket WiMax Walktrought

Today I'd like to talk about a recently deep experience...

Article posted 2018-07-27

Phishing via SMS

Hi to everyone!

Yesterday 23-05-2018 at 3:54 PM I received an...

Article posted 2018-05-24

Man in the browser on Chrome

Another weekend, another Mitb article!
This time We will talk about...

Article posted 2018-03-17

Man in the browser on Firefox

What a beautiful Sunday!
Right now in Italy it's snowing, so...

Article posted 2018-02-25

Misconfigured C&C Server

Hi to everyone,
tonight We talk about how to make difficult...

Article posted 2018-02-05

Application InSecurity: Hide Folders 2.5

Hi to everyone,
today We talk about some Reverse Engineering fun.

Article posted 2017-11-11

PHP & JSP SQL Injection Remediations

Today We talk about PHP and JSP vulnerable code and...

Article posted 2015-12-05

Bad Guys - Android: how steal WhatsApp messages (Part 1)

This is the first part of "Bad Guys - Android:...

Article posted 2015-10-30

Bad Guys - Android: how steal SMS messages

This is the second part of "Bad Guys - Android",...

Article posted 2015-10-16

Bad Guys - Android: how steal the contact list

Through Meterpreter for Android we can do many operations, but...

Article posted 2015-10-13

SEH Exploit: practical example

This time we'll see in practice a SEH based exploits.

Article posted 2015-10-07

Egg Hunting: Convert Metasploit module into Stand Alone

Metasploit is quick and easy to use, but a security...

Article posted 2015-10-04

UAC Bypass: Windows 7 and Windows 8.1

This is my first article, I hope you like it!

Article posted 2015-10-02