Phishing via SMS

Hi to everyone!

Yesterday 23-05-2018 at 3:54 PM I received an SMS on my personal mobile phone with the following text: (Italian)

Gruppo ISP: 
Banca Intesa San Paolo
la invita a convalidare
urgentemente il suo recapito
telefonico al seguente link:
Immediately catched my attention; first because the link is shortened and then because I'm not an ISP's customer.

Anyway let's check where this link will redirect the user and also some statistics:

This trick consist on add a plus sign at the end of the shortened URL, so this will be:

This is pretty impressive, 885 clicks that redirect on
Immediately I have been checked the url on VirusTotal, at the following address you can find the analysis:

Next this page redirect on: (at the time of writing this is no more valid)

Here the analysis:

Today these two Phishing pages are no more existent, anyway I was able to find a screenshot on

So you might understand what could happen with your ISP's credential!

This article is intended to help understand web dangers, so be careful.