• Penetration Test

  • This service is delivered in the form of Black Box, Gray Box and/or White Box.

    • Social Engineering Attacks like Spear-Phishing
    • Web Attacks

      Some recent research has led to: CVE-2018-14067, Hall of Fame, CVE-2017-17550
    • Network Attacks: external or internal
    • Physical Attacks, from Wifi compromising to Internal Network attack.
    • Mobile App Test
    • IoT, Embedded linux devices Test
    • Source Code Audit
  • Application Security Assessment

  • Each company has a software development team. This service aims to assist developers during the development life-cycle.
    So fuzzing is used in order to discover Memory corruptions vulnerabilities, which could lead to remote code execution.
    Reverse Engineering, Debugging, Exploit Development are used to show, to the customer, the criticality of these vulnerabilities.

    Some recent research has led to: FG-IR-18-018
  • Security Products Development

  • Information Gathering, Analysis and Intelligence solutions are some examples.

    You should take a look on some publicly accessible projects:
    Cerberus - AV Evasion