• Advanced Penetration Test

  • Are you looking for Advanced Penetration Testing Services?
    So, you are in the right place. Here do not just focus on well-know vulnerabilities but is taken a different approach.
    Nowadays Black Hat Hackers discovers 0day vulnerabilities in order to compromise an entire corporation.
    Is taken a 0day approach; where not only will be exploited know vulnerabilities.
    What do you need? An External or Internal Black Box PenTest or a White Box PenTest?
    Are you thinking that your employees are not vulnerable to Social Engineering attacks?
    Are you thinking that your custom / thirdy-part applications are well designed?
    Request a quote and We'll see.
  • Application Security Assessment

  • Each company has a software development team. This service aims to assist developers during the development life-cycle.
    So fuzzing is used in order to discover Memory corruptions vulnerabilities, which could lead to a remote code execution.
    Reverse Engineering, Debugging, Exploit Development are used to show, to the customer, the criticality of these vulnerabilities.
  • Security Products Development

  • Intelligence solutions are the development main field. Obviously these rely on OSINT Techniques.
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