Cerberus Framework aims to be a Next-Gen Exploitation Framework. Infact all the current framework heavily focus on Exploits; instead Cerberus will mainly focus on Fuzzing capabilities.
Why Cerberus? Because, like the three-headed dog, the framework will have "Payloads and Encoders", "Modules" and "Exploits".
Currently this project is under development since 2016; when was born the need, during my day to day job as Junior Penetration Tester, to combine Social Engineering Techniques, AV Evasion, Exploit Development support and so on.
So why to pubblicy talk about this project? Simply because in the earlier future I'd like to share with Professionals Penetration Testers my research.
Obviously I don't want to freely share this project for two simple reason: first to not allow cyber criminals to use my framework for malicious purposes, second to guarantee my customers the ability to simplify their work.
So for example well know payloads are largely shared across infosec networks, in order to stop script-kiddies and other malicious actors; so there is the need to guarantee AV Evasion for a Professionist.
The final goal will be to cover all the following phases:
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Current Features

AV Evasion Demo

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